Grind Suggestions

If you’re new to our coffee we would strongly recommend starting with our house blend, Supacrema. It is a blend of coffee beans from Kenya, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama.  We have been running it through our machine in store for over 11 years and our customers love the strength and richness of the crema! It is a perfect all-rounder that is great in any application, commercially or domestically.

If you’re using a percolator or plunger we recommend Espresso 538 or Colombia Supremo as they are both rich and full bodied, holding well under lower pressure applications.

Supa Crema and French Colombian are by far our most popular capsules, we recommend Supa Crema as a Mid-strength and French Colombian as a full strength.

Otherwise feel free to browse through our selection and read the descriptions of all our coffee, if you need any help or have any questionsfeel free to contact us via our contact us page!

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